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Neighborhood Dog Grooming Service in Meadville, PA 

Regular dog grooming is much more than just keeping your dog looking their best; it also has many benefits for their health. Pet washing and grooming promotes a healthy coat and skin, and regular nail trims will reinforce health foot structure and posture. Classy Canine in Meadville, PA, is your full-service grooming service that’ll keep your dog happy and healthy. Renowned for our affordably priced services and convenient appointment times, we have delivered unparalleled results for over 35 years.

Known throughout our community for providing excellent customer service in all aspects of our business, we promise that both you and your pet will enjoy nothing but the best dog grooming experience. We adore your dog just as much as you, which means that we’ll treat furry friend with tender love and care while they’re with us. As a business that takes into consideration the unique needs of every animal, we will give your pet the attention they deserve.  

Your Dog’s Best Friend 

Full-Service Dog Grooming:

Bathing - Blow-Dry - Haircut - Nails Clipped - Ear Cleaning 

Available for your dog grooming needs for all breeds, Classy Canine in Crawford County is here to keep your furry friend well cared for. To schedule a convenient appointment time to drop off your dog, call today to speak with a pet grooming professional. We’re more than happy to answer your questions!  

Customized Haircut

Whether you just want the breed-specific cut or have something more specific in mind, our talented staff can deliver a customized haircut for your dog. We have the training necessary to get it just right.

Nail Trimming

Maintaining your dog’s nails is much more than cosmetic, it’s beneficial to their overall health. Our grooming services come with nail trimming and help to reduce the risk of infection and unhealthy foot structure.

Keep Your Pooch Squeaky Clean!

Our talented dog grooming specialists at Classy Canine have perfected an effective approach to keeping your dog fresh and clean. Beginning with a bath, we have a multistep process to get your pup looking and feeling their best. We’re more than happy to use products that are needed for your pet’s particular needs or skin condition; just let us know and we’ll oblige. After the bath, we’ll blow them dry, give them a haircut, clip their nails, and clean their ears, making for a comprehensive clean and a relaxing experience. We understand this can be a difficult experience for first-timer, as your dog might not have any idea what’s going on, so our compassionate groomers are patient and understanding, doing everything they can to put them at ease. 

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When it’s time for your pet’s routine dog grooming, keep Classy Canine in mind. To schedule a convenient appointment time or to speak with a staff member directly about the services we offer, call today at (814) 337-5436. You can also reach out to us online for more information by utilizing the contact form. 

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